Continuous Testing 101 - CA’s dream team chat about the upcoming StarEast conference.

April 25, 2017

On this episode of the podcast, Scott Edwards, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Continuous Delivery sits down with a few of CA's continuous testing guru's to talk about the upcoming StarEast event in Orlando, Florida and their respective speaking sessions.

Featured guests:

Julie Gardiner, Product Management Director, CA Technologies

Alex Martins, CTO/Adviser - Continuous Quality

Jonathon Wright - Director of Digital Assurance

StarEast takes place between the 7th - 12th May. For anyone attending, please be sure to stop by CA Technologies booth and check out all of our speaking sessions!


Continuous Testing 101 - Paul Gerrard: Software Consultant, Author, Teacher and Coach

March 17, 2017

Here Jonathon is joined by eminent test consultant, Paul Gerrard and they discuss all things Digital to achieve a more dynamic, adaptive and Continuous model for business. Paul has recently produced a book for CA on “Digital Assurance”,  fast becoming an issue for organizations as they aim to break down the silos. The two delve deeper into some of the topics that are covered in the book such as the need to shift left in the testing process, Paul’s “New Model for Testing” and how models should be at the heart of test design. Paul suggests we should treat testing as a Continuous process so that it actually becomes part of an organization’s DNA. They also talk about the tools and how organizations can quickly move from Agile to Continuous Delivery processes.


Continuous Testing 101 - Erik Simmons, nuCognitive

January 20, 2017

In the second episode of this series, our host and Chief Digital Therapist for CA Technologies, Jonathan Wright is joined by Erik Simmons of nuCognitive. Erik is widely known in the industry around requirements engineering, having given many keynotes and other talks world-wide on various topics, including systems engineering, solutions thinking, and requirements engineering. During his tenure at Intel, Erik wrote requirements training that was attended by over 20,000 people. One of these classes was adopted in 2016 by the IEEE Computer Society as their online requirements training for members. In this episode, we'll be looking at Value driven delivery which is about understanding the value of your stakeholders and definining clearer and more consise requirements.


Continuous Testing 101 - Ray Arell, nuCognitive

January 9, 2017

In the first episode of this new series, our host and Chief Digital Therapist for CA Technologies, Jonathan Wright is joined by a very exciting guest. Ray Arell of nuCognitive is globally recognised as a thought leader in the lean and agile space. In this episode, Ray discusses solutions thinking and how technology, business and usage come together to understand the goals of your organization.